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In-person sessions are held at Garrett Wellness Center at 3020 N. Kimball Ave. in Chicago. The Wellness Center is a beautiful office space of healing energies where all are welcome.
Hypnotherapist of Chicago’s tele-hypnotherapy services take place via Zoom, giving clients the comfort and convenience to participate in sessions while at home or in your office (provided you are in a distraction-free area). You can download the free version of Zoom for our sessions onto your computer or cell phone. 
I value your privacy; your sessions with Hypnotherapist of Chicago are 100% HIPAA compliant. If you haven’t tried hypnotherapy, you can’t say you’ve tried everything!

Most Clients Achieve Their Goals
in Just 3-8 Sessions!

Our first step together is for you to click here to schedule your free 15-minute consultation. We will discuss the goal(s) you wish to achieve, and I’ll answer any questions you have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. After you fill out some paperwork (HIPAA compliance + client intake forms), you can schedule your first session — whether it’s a session online via Zoom or in person at my Chicago office.

The typical length of a hypnotherapy session is two hours.

Electronic payment is due at the end of each session through my secure online payment portal. At this time, I do not accept medical insurance.

Ali Miller, CMS-CHT, FIBH

I am a Practitioner of Integral Hypnotherapy™ which is the only hypnotherapy methodology that has been scientifically-validated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
To learn more about me and my background in Hypnotherapy, click here.


Our first meeting together is free — during your consultation, we will discuss your goal(s) you want to achieve with hypnotherapy. Most clients achieve their goal in 3-8 sessions and prefer to schedule sessions two weeks apart. All of my clients have reported back to me that they feel better after just one session!

Sessions are scheduled in 2-hour increments at $200 per session. You receive a new, custom self-hypnosis audio after each session to listen to between sessions and after our work together is complete. 

Digital payment is due at the end of each session. A 5% discount is offered for payment up-front for all sessions. If you do not require the amount of sessions and you paid in-full & up-front, a refund or transfer of services will be issued.

For each new client you refer to me, you will receive a $25 credit toward your next session! Word of Mouth is so helpful for small businesses as you know, and I appreciate your referrals and spreading the positive effects of Hypnosis.

Nobody Regrets Making Positive Changes in Their Life

What to Expect during hypnotherapy sessions

* We use Zoom for your Free Consultation and the online sessions.
* Both of our cameras will be on the entire time during tele-sessions.
* You will need to sit in a stable chair (no wheels) with neck support while I hypnotize you. Alternatively, you can lie down on a couch or bed when it’s time for hypnosis.
* Daily practice of self-hypnosis is important to reach your goal. I will email your self-hypnosis audio to listen to daily after each session, which is around 15 minutes long.
* Side effects of hypnosis include deep relaxation and a renewed appreciation for life.

Goals you can achieve with hypnotherapy

Pain Management
Get a Handle on Stress
Rediscover Your Life’s Purpose
Increase Confidence
Overcome Sadness
Weight Management
Past Life Regression
Surgery or Labor Prep
Improve Public Speaking
Self-Love & Acceptance
Sleep Through the Night
Eliminate Anxiousness
Sports Performance
Exam Preparation
Smoking Cessation
And More!