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About Ali Miller, CMS-CHt, FIBH

Hypnotherapy Training

I am honored to have attended and graduated from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America which included both classroom and clinical training. I am also a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy, which sets the highest standards of board certification for hypnotherapists, including meeting continuing education requirements and the ability to connect with colleagues and my mentors from the Academy on a regular basis.

Practitioner of Integral Hypnotherapy™

As a Medical Support Hypnotherapist, I practice Integral Hypnotherapy™ which is the only hypnotherapy methodology that has been scientifically-validated by the National Institutes of Health. The NIH funded a $3 million research study of 125 participants over the course of four years. This particular study validated the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the treatment of overactive bladder, utilizing the techniques I learned at the Academy. To read more about the results of the study, click here.

Hypnotherapy Academy of America Course Curriculum

HAA’s curriculum has been polished over the the years by Directors Tim and Ángela Simmerman Sierra. Additional instructors include Dr. Robert Sapien, Dr. Joaquin Dulcey, Christian Raphael, Alicia Cortez, Stan Lundy, and Lia Aley. Below is a breakdown of my hypnotherapy education, by module.

* Modules 1-3: Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

* Module 4: Accelerated Healing and Pain Control Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy

* Module 5: Natal Regression, Interlife Exploration, and Past Life Therapy

My Mission as a Hypnotherapist

I, Ali Miller, stand for my clients discovering their own inner peace and healing. As a result of my work as a hypnotherapist, clients and I get to experience Heaven on Earth.

IBH Letter of Certification
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma
Natal, Interlife, and Past Life Regression Therapy Diploma

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