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How We Use the Subconscious Mind in Hypnotherapy

Hey lovies, it’s Ali Mae from Hypnotherapist of Chicago.

A friend reached out to me and gave me a wonderful idea for this video. She’s like, “Okay, I hear you talking about the subconscious mind all the time, and that’s great, but why?”

Good point!

So in Integral Hypnotherapy, we have something called the triune model of the mind. It’s triune because it consists of three levels of mind: the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconsicous mind.

Our conscious mind is where our logic is, where we think, take in information from our five senses, and it’s where we choose to set goals. Also in our conscious mind is our will power, which can sometimes work against us when we’re trying to reach a goal.

So the beauty of hypnotherapy is that we draw on the power of our subconscious minds, which is the great doer, and holds all of our emotional energy related to reaching our goals. The subconscious mind doesn’t discern fact from fantasy – it doesn’t know the difference between the truth or a lie. So consciously, you may not believe an affirmation such as, “more and more, I love myself ” and that’s okay – because your subconscious mind is going to accept that as truth. Once you believe it (accept it as fact) you will feel that way and behavior that way; therefore you’ll see positive results.

The superconscious mind is your problem solving intelligence, your highest form of intelligence that connects you to your Higher Self, Source, spirit, The Universe, or God – whatever your word for that is. It happens to me a lot when I’m in the shower or cleaning; I won’t be thinking about anything and then all of a sudden, an insight clear as day pops in my head, and I’m like, “Woah! Where did this brilliance come from?!”

That’s your superconscious mind at play, and the more you go into a state of hypnosis, the more superconscious insights you’ll receive.

I’ll be back with more information specifically on Integral hypnotherapy in my next video.

Thanks ya’ll!