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What Can I use Hypnotherapy for?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what hypnotherapy can help with – what kind of goals hypnotherapy can help us achieve.

You may be surprised to hear that hypnotherapy can help us with so many goals and and work with all sorts of ailments that we experience in our life – because it draws on the power of our subconscious minds to reverse the limiting beliefs that keep you down, sick, worrisome, fearful, or feeling unsafe.

Hypnotherapy can help with smoking cessation, managing your weight, actually wanting to eat healthier and stop emotional eating or eating in the middle of the night, feeling safe in our bodies, getting better sleep and waking up feeling refreshed, nerves – exam preparation, public speaking, improving sports performance, and even pain control, decreasing the symptoms that are related to certain diseases or cancer. I am a Medical Support Hypnotherapist and we did some sessions the eye disease I was diagnosed with, which is Macular Degeneration, to help improve my vision and stop the blood vessels from leaking.

There’s also an opportunity to do past life regression, in the event that you accept and believe in karma and reincarnation. Past Life Regression Therapy, also known as PLRT – is helpful in exploring why you just can’t reach a certain goal in this lifetime – as it may be karma from a past life for you to discover and easily reprogram.

Thanks again for watching and encouraging me to make these videos – it’s not as easy as it looks but it certainly will get easier with time.

So, thanks friends!

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